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does anyone else have “the chair”


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Got to keep it real with people you talk too. If they don’t like what you have to say then they obviously are not ready to hear you.


when you try and pull out before you buss but she clench it at the last second


She’ll tighten her legs around your waist and you’ll be like “oh shit!”

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put a fucking bag on your head and sleep you god damn piece of shit

take a nap on a fucking ski lift

Have a late night with a girl with some beer goggles on and tell her to put the nap sack on so I won’t have to see her in the morning.

Sometimes the Universe steps in and provides you with exactly what you need at any given moment.
Thank you, Universe.
Anonymous: that nigga put you in yo place


a nigga with no money can’t put somebody in their place he can’t even get his gf to his place




this is so sad

this makes me sad.

My God.

It’s no big deal because it is something we are used to seeing… Some of us are desensitized to the violence and just turn away from it.